09 july / 2018

Washington does not like when the rules it laid down for others backfire

Reaction of the U.S. Department of State to possible legal restrictions of its interference in Russia’s domestic affairs is quite predictable. Hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars allocated to promote U.S. interests disguised as “liberal” values have to be spent somehow.
With that, Washington has neither moral, nor legal right to demand something from other countries, meddling in domestic affairs of which in violation of the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act is an official U.S. policy.
Unwillingness to follow common rules was the reason behind the U.S. decision to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council, and earlier - from UNESCO that had protection of journalists’ rights among its functions. It remains to be an unstable area. For instance, an extremist Ukrainian web-site Mirotvorets that stores personal information on thousands of Western journalists, who visited Eastern Ukraine, is hosted on U.S. servers and continues to function freely now.
Washington does not like when the rules it laid down for others backfire. The State Department is upset that only U.S.-funded media ended up in the Russian list of foreign agents. It can be easily amended. The main condition is to stop chasing down the Russian media in the U.S. and scratch them off the U.S. list of foreign agents.