06 september

Lecture by Elvira Nabiullina at IMF Conference

I am truly honored to be here at the IMF and speak about the Bank of Russia’s monetary policy. It is a particular honor to be speaking here in honor of Michel Camdessus. My topic today -- “Russia's Rocky Road to Inflation Targeting” -- is one I hope he would enjoy. After all, he helped us begin the journey.

30 august

U.S. Department of State has raised concerns over legitimate inspections of vessels at the Sea of Azov

U.S. Department of State has raised concerns through its Spokesperson Heather Nauert over legitimate inspections of vessels at the Sea of Azov. No arrests, no detentions, simply inspections. It is noteworthy (in order to understand the policy of double standards) that not a single vessel out of the “hundreds” has been specified.
State Department avoided it on purpose, as facts of Ukrainian piracy are being muted. For instance, the seizure of the Russian fishing boat “Nord” by Ukrainian border patrool at the Sea of Azov on March 25 as an a example. Its crew consists of Crimean fishermen, who do not determine themselves as Ukrainian citizens.

29 august

Maria Butina is being kept under inhumane regime of administrative segregation

August 29 – Today Embassy officials visited Russian student Maria Butina who is currently detained in a prison.
We note that Maria is being kept under inhumane regime of administrative segregation forcing her to stay awake from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. This is the only time slot when she is allowed to leave her cell. She doesn’t have access to the fresh air.
29 august

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's answer to media question

Question. U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Heather Nauert has recently said during her press briefing that the US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James F. Jeffrey and Acting Assistant Secretary David Satterfield met with you earlier this week and expressed their concerns over possible use of chemical weapons by the Assad’s forces in Idlib. How would you comment upon the words of the American senior diplomat?
Answer. Technically we are not in favor of telling the press about all of our communications with the representatives of the White House, Department of State, Congress and other US officials. However, since Ms. Nauert decided to tell about my meeting with James F. Jeffrey and David Satterfield I want to specify the details a little bit more.

28 august

Festival dedicated to Leo Tolstoy's 190th anniversary

August 28, Sherman, Connecticut - Representatives of Consulate General of Russia in New York took part in the festival dedicated to Leo Tolstoy's 190th anniversary. The festival was organized by Director of the Russian Center in New York Elena Branson and a family of local enthusiasts Robin and Elena Raybould who have recreated an exact copy of Leo Tolstoy's estate in Moscow district of Khamovniki.

27 august

It feels like local politicians have an unhealthy craving for demolishing the fundamental basis of bilateral relations

Washington issued another set of illegitimate one-sided sanctions against Russia. It feels like local politicians have an unhealthy craving for demolishing the fundamental basis of bilateral relations, on which rests the global security. Decisions are made with zero attempts to look into things, while ignoring our calls for dialogue, in absence of any real proof of “Russia’s guilt”. The U.S. mainstream media spreads absurd accusations against our country.

20 august

How UK breaks international law under Salisbury investigation

Accusations against our country and its senior leadership were brought by Great Britain without any evidence, in just a few days after the incident in Salisbury, before Scotland Yard’s proper national investigation (which is still underway). London grossly ignored paragraph 2 of the Article IX of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that states that the “States Parties should, whenever possible, first make every effort to clarify and resolve, through exchange of information and consultations among themselves, any matter which may cause doubt about compliance with this Convention, or which gives rise to concerns about a related matter which may be considered ambiguous”.

16 august

In violation of all norms Maria is being denied receiving letters in Russian

Maria Butina was visited again today in Washington D.C. prison by our diplomats. As a result, we will send a diplomatic note to the U.S. Department of State demanding to stop psychologically pressuring and humiliating our fellow citizen.
Prison’s administration reinstated inhumane regular inspections during nighttime – once every 15 minutes. That is how inmates, who are likely to commit suicide, are treated. Maria never gave causes for such concern. She is still fully determined to prove her innocence. It is obvious that it is an attempt to break her will.
09 august

On August 9 our senior diplomats paid Ms. Butina another visit

The Embassy continues to provide Maria Butina, who was arrested under a far-fetched pretext, with necessary consular assistance. Our fellow citizen holds up strong, determined to continue proving her innocence.

08 august

New “draconian” sanctions against Russia

US sanctions assembly line increases its production output. On August 8, 2018 our Deputy Chief of Mission was informed in the State Department of new “draconian” sanctions against Russia for far-fetched accusations of using the “Novichok” nerve agent against a UK citizen S.Skripal and his daughter by the “Russian Government”. We grew accustomed to not hearing any facts or evidence.