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12 june / 2019

Remarks by Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States of America Dr.Anatoly Antonov at Russia’s National Day Reception

Dear friends, 
Thank you for joining us in celebrating Russia’s National Day. I think we are all united here in our brightest and warmest feelings to Russia, its historical achievements, cultural traditions and contribution to the progress of the human civilization.
Although this holiday is relatively young (it was established in 1992), every year it gets a deeper meaning for all Russians. It marks not only fundamental changes in our country that took place thirty years ago and modern history, but also the centuries-old path of our Fatherland and the common destiny of its people.
Our country has faced quite a number of turning points. We remember how sudden and dramatic was the transition to a new life in the early nineties when the statehood was weakened, and foundations of society were eroding and vulnerable. We had to define our own path of political and economic transformations. However, the Russian people’s will, strength and patience helped us to get through the hardships of those years, unite the society, preserve our own values, secure Russian sovereignty and pave the way for further progress.
Russia is an influential and responsible member of the international community. We do not seek to impose our will to anyone, strictly stick to the international law. We make no secret of our foreign policy priorities. These include strengthening trust, countering global threats, promoting cooperation in the economy and trade, education, culture, science and technology as well as facilitating people-to-people contacts. Our goals are clear – security of our borders and creation of favorable external conditions for Russia’s steady internal development.
We are convinced that problems in the modern world can be solved effectively only through serious and fair cooperation between leading states and their associations. We believe that the most important task is to pool efforts not against far-fetched but real threats, with terrorism being the major one. Our approaches are shared by the majority of nations, including members of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as our friends in the Eurasian Economic Union, the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In other words, Russia is not fighting against someone but for the resolution of all issues in an equal and respectful manner.
Our country is interested in stable and predictable relations with the United States. As the largest nuclear powers we bear a special responsibility for ensuring strategic stability and security. We will go our part of the way towards every nation that wants to build relations with us based on reciprocal recognition of interests and search for mutually acceptable compromises.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone present here, our compatriots and friends of Russia, sound health and all the best.
Happy holiday, dear friends! Happy Russia’s National Day!