09 august

Embassy statement on the 11th anniversary of the Georgian aggression in republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on August 8, 2008

On the anniversary of the Georgian aggression on August 8, 2008, the Department of State once again showed its profane attitude to the victims of the bloody events of that time. Washington, however, is far from urging its proteges in Tbilisi to exercise political will and take responsibility for the attack on Russian peacekeepers and sleeping civilians in South Ossetia. Instead, the US foreign service continues to blame Russia in its traditionally politicized and Russophobic way.

We wish to remind that it was our country that came to the rescue of Tskhinval and, in fact, prevented an act of genocide. We can provide to the American side with the real chronology of those events. However, as practice shows, the US does not learn from history and turns a blind eye on the crimes of Georgian proteges. It is the belief in impunity that gives rise to such tragic events.

We hope that Washington will shift away from such a practice and show its “friends” true democratic approaches with its own example.