25 july / 2018

Embassy Statement on the "Crimea Declaration" released by US Department of State

The State Department comes up with new statements and declarations on a quarterly basis. We have not learned anything new. It is yet another proof that our partners live in a different dimension. They try to use international legal acts, which contain provisions on the right of people to self-determination that laid the foundation for Crimea’s return to Russia in 2014.
Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians choose Russian Crimea as their vacation resort, therefore debunking myths on Russian “occupation” and “aggression”. American musicians and athletes perform on the peninsula on a regular basis, despite U.S. State Department’s warnings about non-existent “threats”. Over 90 thousand U.S. soccer fans saw for themselves during the World Cup that U.S. that foreign agency’s recommendation to reconsider visiting our country was inadequate, not to mention the bogus image of Russia forced by the U.S. mainstream media.
We wait for the U.S. State Department to issue a declaration that Kosovo is Serbia.