28 november / 2017

Comment by the Embassy

The Statement of the U.S. State Department – is yet another example of double standards and an attempt to turn everything “upside down” regarding the issue of foreign agents. It seems that Washington officials still believe that it is possible to launch aggressive attacks on the Russian media and come up with groundless and absurd accusations against them. In return they expect Russia to create the most favorable conditions for the U.S. media working in our country. They still fail to understand that this approach to Russia is a dead end.
We would like to stress that the amendments to the Russian legislations were made after numerous warnings to the American side not to impose restrictions on the Russian media working in the U.S. It’s another example that our counterparts only listen to themselves.
We noticed the U.S State Department’s concern with the intention of the Russian Ministry of Justice to monitor and block the “certain Internet-activity”.
I would like to note that the original mentions only “information, which contains calls to mass rioting, extremist activity, mass gatherings, which are obstructing current Russian legislation, or which publish materials of foreign or international NGOs, the activities of which are considered undesirable in Russia”.
Unlike the U.S., Russia takes such violations quite seriously. We haven’t received an official response to our request to terminate the activities of a Ukrainian extremist web-site “Myrotvorets” (Peacekeeper), which was relocated to American servers.
It publishes personal information on unwanted people to the Kiev regime, including American journalists and civil activists. We hope that Washington still cares for security of its citizens. These examples prove that such statements on the freedom of speech turn out to be empty claims.
The Russian authorities are not trying to “justify” their actions.
We call on Washington not to justify its inactivity.
We still think it is not too late to mend everything.
The “zero-sum game” introduced by Washington can still be reversed. As a start our colleagues should start with taking down the roots of the problem – the persecution of the Russian media in the U.S.