Russia Day 2020
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Russia Day 2020

On Russia Day the President presented Hero of Labour medals

The Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation gold medals were presented in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow. The national flag of the Russian Federation was hoisted prior to the ceremony to mark the national holiday of Russia Day.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

This year the Hero of Labour gold medals are being presented on a holiday, Russia Day. Before starting the ceremony, I would like to extend greetings on this important holiday to all the country’s citizens and our compatriots abroad, all those who see an intimate meaning in this day.

For each of us, Motherland means family and our parents’ home, our native land, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands, from the northern Arctic seas to Sevastopol and Crimea. Our millennia-long history has been made on these endless expanses, filled with pages of great glory and pride, the unsurpassed courage of our ancestors, their faith in and love of the Fatherland.

The clear innermost feeling of Motherland has always, at all times, helped our people to endure all tribulations, to persevere and preserve themselves in harsh ordeals, and respond to any challenges.

Here, on Poklonnaya Gora we recall heroes who defended the Fatherland, its freedom and independence, and this memory is common and sacred for all generations, for the whole multi-ethnic people of Russia. We have a common historical code and moral foundations. Respect for the working person and the defender of the Fatherland, traditions and culture, preservation of the memory of our ancestors, respect for one’s parents and family, love for our land and the inviolability of our borders have an unconditional value for us.

These are the foundations that determine the character and destiny of our people, the progress of the country both today and in future. It is therefore natural that suggestions were voiced that these fundamental and cornerstone principles be included in the Russian Constitution. I am sure that the absolute majority of our citizens share and support this position.Friends,Love for the Motherland and our love for the mother that gave us life are feelings of the same order. They empower us and give us hope, inspire us to feats of arms and great labour achievements. It has always been like that, in all historical eras.Today on Russia Day, we honour the Heroes of Labour of the Russian Federation.

Friends, you are completely immersed in your calling, the cause of your choice, to achieve outstanding results in industry, sport, healthcare and culture. You contribute to the sustainable development of our country with your achievements.

Leonid Belykh has been head of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, which manufactures the legendary Mi helicopters, for over two decades. All your life has been connected with the plant – you have passed all the way from electrician to director, in the difficult 1990s you did much to maintain production, retain unique employees and preserve technologies. It could have gone differently.

Currently the enterprise is steadily building up its capacity and is among the leaders of the Russian aircraft industry. It manufactures new models of civilian and military helicopters.

Unfortunately, outstanding coach and founder of the famous Krasnoyarsk school of wrestling Dmitry Mindiashvili was unable to be in Moscow today. The Hero of Labour medal will be presented to him later.

Dmitry Mindiashvili has trained dozens of prominent athletes. Among his students are winners of the most prestigious championships including the Olympics. He teaches athletes not only to fight and win but also to be worthy, honest, noble people who are always ready to come to the rescue.

The notable labour victories and exploits by Alexander Motorin, a steel worker with truly priceless professional experience, are inextricably linked with the famous Magnitka steelworks. The history of this industrial giant was written by exactly this sort of specialists – well-trained, enthusiastic, true masters.

You have given the country dozens of millions of tonnes of important strategic produce throughout the many years of your impeccable work. Having mastered the secrets of metal smelting, you share them with young people and take up industrial tasks of tremendous complexity.

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