17 september

Yury Shadrin's concert at the Russian Embassy

We continue the Cultural Diplomacy series with a Chopin evening performed by our dear guest Yury Shadrin, internationally acclaimed pianist, who has appeared in major venues across the Globe.

A special pleasure was having Ekaterina Dobrynina at the concert. She is filming a documentary about her legendary grandfather - Anatoly Dobrynin, who served as a Soviet Ambassador in Washington for 25 years.




Barcarolle in F Sharp Major, op. 60



in G Flat Major,

in C sharp minor,

in F Major



Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major;

op. 25 No. 1 In A Flat Major,

op. 10 No. 12 in C minor


Mazurka in B minor op. 33 No. 4


Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise op. 22 in E Flat Major