28 june

Vladimir Putin met with President of the United States of America Donald Trump

President of the United States of America Donald Trump: Thank you very much everybody.

It’s a great honour to be with President Putin, his representatives, my representatives. We have many things to discuss, including trade, and including some disarmament, a little protectionism, perhaps, in a very positive way. We’re going to discuss a lot of different things.

We’ve had great meetings, we’ve had a very, very good relationship, and we look forward to spending some very good time together.

A lot of very positive things are going to come out of the relationship. So Vladimir, thank you very much.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I agree with Mr President – we do have much to discuss, and have already outlined all the topics.

We have not met for a long time, since the Helsinki meeting. But our colleagues have been working, giving us a good opportunity to follow up on what we agreed in Helsinki, so thanks to both parties.