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30 august / 2018

U.S. Department of State has raised concerns over legitimate inspections of vessels at the Sea of Azov

U.S. Department of State has raised concerns through its Spokesperson Heather Nauert over legitimate inspections of vessels at the Sea of Azov. No arrests, no detentions, simply inspections. It is noteworthy (in order to understand the policy of double standards) that not a single vessel out of the “hundreds” has been specified.
State Department avoided it on purpose, as facts of Ukrainian piracy are being muted. For instance, the seizure of the Russian fishing boat “Nord” by Ukrainian border patrool at the Sea of Azov on March 25 as an a example. Its crew consists of Crimean fishermen, who do not determine themselves as Ukrainian citizens.
US State Department also stays silent about “Machanic Pogodin”, a Russian tanker blocked at the port of Kherson by Ukrainian siloviks on August 10. It has 12 crew members on board. They have already been visited by OSCE – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe representatives.
US authorities keep generating new baseless accusations against Russia to misdirect attention from gross human rights violations in its satellite countries (e.g. harassment and prosecution of a human rights advocate Alexander Gaponenko in Latvia), not to mention in the U.S. itself. We are hinting to abductions of Russian citizens for further prosecution on the US soil followed by psychological pressure and predetermined convictions.
Russian student Maria Butina has become another victim of the American-style justice being arrested under far-fetched charges and kept in prison.
US State department will not get away with distracting our attention from these heinous cases. We urge the Americans to stop standing up for its outrageous wards at the Sea of Azov and begin a substantial dialog on the Russian citizens locked in American prisons.