31 march / 2018

Today dozens of our colleagues – Russian diplomats – are leaving the United States of America.

They are not U.S. enemies.
The U.S. authorities have expelled American friends. Our diplomats were developing cooperation between Russia and the United States in different areas, among which are business, science, culture, space exploration and joint search for prisoners of war and missing in action.
This choice is unfortunate.
We are still confident that only close interaction between our countries can help maintain international strategic stability and find mutually beneficial solutions to global and regional challenges.
Relations between ordinary people should not suffer. We will do everything in our capacity to make sure that Americans have zero problems with trips to Russia. Once Americans visit our country – they will understand why we love it so much and why we are so proud of our homeland.
Nevertheless, we will keep on telling Americans more about Russia and helping them discover our history, culture, achievements in space and modern technological breakthroughs.
We want everybody to understand that we are destined to become friends again.