02 may / 2018

The fourth anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa

Today is the fourth anniversary of the tragic events in the Odessa Trade Union House, when dozens and hundreds of innocent people were injured and burned by the supporters of the Maidan movement. The fact that the perpetrators of this terrible massacre have not yet been punished is deeply disappointing.

The inaction of the Kiev authorities in the investigation of this tragedy only contributes to the growth of extremism in Ukraine. Impunity gives nationalists a sense of all-permissiveness. Their excesses do not stop. There are more and more cases of desecration of historical monuments which are dedicated to the heroic struggle of Ukrainians and the entire Soviet people against fascism. Extremists are openly threatening participants of memorable events in Odessa and are praising the young men who buried people in the House of Trade Unions alive. This is what fascists did during the World War II.

We are outraged that by silent consent the US administration deviates from the Odessa events and the actual "freeze" of investigation by Kiev. This is confirmed by the fact that in the recent State Department Human Rights Report there was there was no word of condemnation of Odessa tragedy and numerous similar crimes in Ukraine.

Such a situation cannot be perceived otherwise than the evidence of Washington's unwillingness to objectively look at the human rights situation in Ukraine and, using its influence on the Kiev authorities, to force them to correct it. We are deeply concerned that the US, by proclaiming itself almost a "measure" of intolerance to human rights violations, is hypocritically turning a blind eye to the outrageous cases of arbitrariness by Ukrainian national radicals.