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05 august / 2018

State Department once again dumbs down to “megaphone diplomacy”

We took note of the tweet made by the U.S. State Department’s Spokesperson H.Nauert that the Russian Chargé d’affaires a.i. in Washington was summoned by Assistant Secretary of State W.Mitchell. Quoting Ms. Nauert, our diplomat was convoked “to answer for Russia’s aggressive interference” in U.S. domestic affairs.
How can anyone talk about an answer, when there aren’t any grounds for accusations? Over the last two years we have been repeatedly debunking on multiple levels the absolute groundlessness of such innuendos, for which not a single piece of evidence has been presented. What answer is being anticipated for media publications taken out of thin air, like the ones that Facebook blocked 32 accounts in the process of internal censorship, imposed by U.S. politicians on Internet companies while claiming to fight “the Russian threat”?
State Department once again dumbs down to “megaphone diplomacy”. In reality, it turns out that the foreign agency plays up to those U.S. powers, that further kindle the flames of the “Russian meddling” in U.S. domestic affairs for their personal gain. It seems that this is the cause for a quite unethical desire to publish the contexts of diplomatic meetings in a slanderous way.
We call upon our U.S. colleagues to concentrate their efforts on professional and mutually respectful work to stabilize and normalize relations between our countries. We see it as exactly the task of the Russian Embassy in the U.S.