02 august

Сomment on the latest steps by the United States under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act

Up till now we haven't seen any proof of Russia’s involvement in what happened in Salisbury, and the British side has been refusing to cooperate with Russia in the investigation of the incident. Instead, Washington decided to assume the functions of a super-cop and supreme judge with the right to determine who is guilty and impose punitive measures on them. The goal of such a policy is self-evident – to penalize those, who refuse to submit to Washington’s dictates and defend their own national interests.

From the very beginning it was clear that Russia would not repent and take the blame for what we have nothing to do with in the so-called “Skripal case”. By deciding to use its Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act, the United States once again showed to the entire world its blatant disregard to fundamental principles of a law state, such as the presumption of innocence and the necessity to bear the burden of proof when making accusations, let alone the need to respect the most basic norms of civilized discourse among nations.

It is well known that Russia eliminated all its chemical weapons back in 2017, which was officially confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Whereas the United States has yet to destroy their own chemical warfare arsenals and keeps postponing the deadline for the completion of this process. Therefore, it would be logical for Washington to apply its legislation to itself.

Attempts to intimidate us by sanctions are futile and will not pay off. Previous rounds of restrictions have not met their intended goals. Russia is a country with a history that spans more than a thousand years, and has always used the privilege to carry out an independent foreign policy. We are not going to change this tradition today. We will continue to protect a multi-polar democratic world order, based on international law and the principles of the UN Charter. These sanctions games are detrimental to the vital interests of the U.S. itself. We urge Washington to come to its senses and stop reckless actions on destroying Russian-American relations.