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Russian Embassy Statement

We strongly condemn yet another provocation by the U.S. special services against a Russian journalist.
On October 28, RT channel correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov informed that a day earlier he had been interrogated at the New York City airport by the U.S. security forces. For almost an hour he had to answer questions about his professional journalistic activities.
We stress that Mr.Rozhkov was about to leave the territory of the United States after finishing his work on a documentary about America.
Moreover, the Russian citizen was also subject to an hours-long interrogation upon arrival to the United States on October 15. That time officers demanded him to grant access to all available electronic media.
Particularly outrageous is the fact that the reason for the attacks on Konstantin Rozhkov was his Russian citizenship.
We call on the United States to abandon the practice of discriminating against journalists on the basis of their nationality. We regard the actions of the U.S. authorities as a gross attempt to put pressure on the representative of the media.
We are concerned that harassment of journalists is becoming a common practice in the United States. We will bring this negative trend to the attention of human rights and international organizations.
We have demanded an explanation from U.S. Department of State.
We also note that the Embassy has not yet received replies to its previous appeals to the State Department on similar issues.
We recommend Russian media workers who come to the United States to keep in mind the bias of the U.S. authorities against them and the high risk of provocative actions aimed at manufacturing a reason to accuse Russian citizens of interference in U.S. internal affairs.