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10 june

JOINT STATEMENT Interagency Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic

Russian and Syrian interagency coordination headquarters continue to make significant efforts to restore peaceful life in the country and provide comprehensive assistance to Syrian citizens in returning to their homeland. At the same time, special attention is paid to the implementation of a complex of anti-epidemic measures in the country as part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Only 141 cases of COVID-19 were detected and 58 persons recovered in the areas by the Syrian government due to measures taken in this direction, the effectiveness of which was recognized by the World Health Organization. At the same time, quarantine imposed due to coronavirus pandemic objectively slowed the return of Syrian citizens to their homes, but their number continues to gow and today it is 2, 144,395 people.

While the Syrian government is making every possible efforts to restore peaceful life and ensure the safety of citizens, the United States - the largest alleged democracy in the world - is directing efforts for worsening situation in Syria using the most non-democratic methods. The United States continues to destabilize the situation in the country by diligently consolidating terrorists groups, preventing the return of citizens to their homes and the provision of humanitarian assistance through the UN in territories by the Syrian government. At the same timein the territories occupied by American troops, in the area of At-Tanf and in Euphrates territory, a critical situation remains and exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Particular concern are the humanitarian problems that have not been resolved until now in the Rukban refugee camp. US-controlled armed gangs continue to forcibly hold peaceful Syrian citizens who are forced to eke out a miserable existence to please the American political ambitions. Until now no any anti-epidemic measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Camp by the United States occupying the 55-km area of At-Tanf. Lack of qualified medical care, personal protective equipment, testing and barrier confrol in conditions of high density of refugees in complete tmsanitary conditions can lead to a sharp outbreak of COVID-19. The whole cynicism of the American side, which being the most affected country and occupying the first place in terms of the incidence rate and mortality in the world, is surprising. Fully aware of the infections danger to humans and at the same time calmly looks on the situation at Rukban camp.

We believe that under the current conditions, the only solution to the problem of the Rukban refugee camp is its disbandment and complete elimination. The Syrian government has organized all necessary quarantine measures in Al-Wahah reception center to ensure the safe return of citizens to their homes.

We note the general deterioration of the humanitarian situation in all nongovernment controlled territories, accompanied by an exacerbation of social confradictionsand the growing dissatisfaction of citizens with the dominance of illegal armed groups against the backdrop of the inability of the opposition authorities to solve the population's problems, despite large-scale international assistance.

The desire of the United States and its allies to avoid interaction under any pretext with the Syrian legitimate authorities on humanitarian issues, stubbomly promoting the extension of existing and the opening of new cross-border channels allegedly necessary for humanitarian supplies remains as a serious problem. In fact, most of the delivered cargo falls into the hands of militants corffilled by them.

Once again, we note that the mechanism of cross-border humanitarian assistance to the Syrians was initially as a temporary process for delivery of goods to non-government controlled areas. According to the prevailing in the current situation, humanitarian assistance to Syria should be carried out in strict coordination with the legitimate government, as provided for in international humanitarian law.

We demand from the American side to stop exerting a destabilizing influence on the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and strictly follow the international law and the principles of the United Nations. We are convinced that the further occupation of the Syrian territories by the United States and its allies increases the suffering of civilians and prolongs the return of peaceful life in the country.

Head of the Interagency Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation on returning of refugees to the Syrian Arab Republic - Chief of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation 

M. Mizintsev

Head of the Interagency Coordination Headquarters of Syria on returning of refugees to the Syrian Arab Republic - Minister of Municipal Administration and Ecology of the Syrian Arab Republic

H. Makhlouf