16 august / 2018

In violation of all norms Maria is being denied receiving letters in Russian

Maria Butina was visited again today in Washington D.C. prison by our diplomats. As a result, we will send a diplomatic note to the U.S. Department of State demanding to stop psychologically pressuring and humiliating our fellow citizen.
Prison’s administration reinstated inhumane regular inspections during nighttime – once every 15 minutes. That is how inmates, who are likely to commit suicide, are treated. Maria never gave causes for such concern. She is still fully determined to prove her innocence. It is obvious that it is an attempt to break her will.
The Russian citizen is still not allowed outdoor walks. After each meeting – either with her lawyers, Embassy’s employees or acquaintances – she undergoes personal checks that require her to fully undress. Once it happened three times in a single day.
In violation of all norms Maria is being denied receiving letters in Russian. Under a pretext that they might contain “coded messages”. Although in fact the administration simply does not want to burden itself and look for a translator.
The Russian citizen is not fully provided with necessary medical attention. A swelling on her leg, which resulted from permanently cold temperatures in her cell, keeps getting worse. Maria is only provided with painkillers. Now she has to walk with a limp.
The fact that our citizen, who is not a convict, only “suspect”, has to suffer such abnormal conditions created by U.S. authorities is becoming more and more intolerable. With that, the hysteria in American social media, further flamed by Russophobic publications in the mainstream media, reminds more of the Salem Witch Trials.
Maria holds up strong, her determination to prove her innocence only grows more resilient. She asked us to spread the word: Maria’s fund to defend her rights will soon be established. All willing to help and fund Maria’s legal assistance will be able transfer money through a special web-site.