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03 september / 2020

Honor World War II with a Better, Shared Future

Honor World War II with a Better, Shared Future

We believe that the best way to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the peace is to join hands


On September 3, Russia commemorates the end of World War II, and the Chinese people celebrate the great victory in what is known as the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. On that day in 1945, the sun of peace once again shone on the earth. On this year’s 75th anniversary of the Allies’ victory in World War II, we are remembering the historic contribution of the earlier generations of our two countries, and we want to congratulate the United States, our ally at the time, and thank its “Greatest Generation” for their sacrifice.

World War II was an unprecedented calamity in human history. The Soviet Union, China, the United States and other countries supported each other and fought side-by-side. In the end, justice prevailed over evil, light over darkness, and the progressive over the reactionary. In the main theaters in Europe and Asia, the Soviet Union suffered more than 27 million deaths and China suffered over 35 million casualties, making indelible contributions to the victory of the War and the future of mankind.

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