08 may

Happy Victory Day

74 years ago the people of our countries triumphed over the greatest enemy of humankind – fascism. Representatives of the allied armies accepted the unconditional surrender of the Nazi army in Berlin. The bloodiest war in Europe’s history was finally over.

The world must not forget the courage and heroism of the soldiers of our armies, members of partisan units, underground anti-fascist networks, and the selflessness of home front workers and all those who defied Hitlerism.

We commemorate the heroic deed of the nations of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and remember the support the allies provided to each other. We remember the military fraternity that stopped the annihilation of nations. It is an example for us even today, when the world faces a new global threat of international terrorism.

Our nations suffered tremendous losses in this war – around 27 million lives that were lost on the fronts, from wounds, in Nazi captivity, death camps, and as a result of punitive operations. This memory is sacred for us. It is necessary to strongly oppose its desecration and prevent the destruction and abuse of military graves and monuments.

We are grateful to all those who keep this memory alive in the U.S. by making efforts to erect monuments to pay tribute to our alliance during those years, participating in commemorative events.

On this Victory Day we congratulate the veterans of the Red Army living in the U.S. and our American allies! We wish you many joyful years to come! Thank you for your sacrifice!

Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation

Erzhan Kazykhanov Ambassador of Kazakhstan

Varuzhan Nersesyan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia

Meret Orazov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan

Bolot Otunbaev, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan

Farhod Salim, Ambassador of Tajikistan

Pavel Shidlovsky, Charge d’Affaires of Belarus

Javlon Vakhabov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan