28 november


Open Letter from Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to the US human rights organizations

Amnesty International USA
Equal Justice Initiative
Human Rights Watch
The Marshall Project
ACLU National Prison Project
The Sentencing Project
Southern Poverty Law Center
World Justice Project

I would like to share my great concern about the case of Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian national incarcerated in the federal correctional facility in Connecticut.

In 2010 Konstantin Yaroshenko was detained in Liberia by officers of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and brought into the country to stand trial «for drug conspiracy». The single charge was conspiracy to transport drugs. The evidence consisted solely of recorded conversations and the testimonials of undercover agents who attempted to solicit Yaroshenko to transport drugs to the USA. The case was a clear entrapment with no jurisdictional ties to the United States. At that time, he spoke very poor English and could barely understand what was said to him.

Mr. Yaroshenko suffers from numerous medical and dental problems, including post-traumatic mental health issues caused by the abuse, solitary confinement and the circumstances of his extraordinary rendition into this country.

Prior to his arrest Mr. Yaroshenko had never set a foot
on the American soil. The language barrier prevents him from receiving education, participating in institutional work and rehabilitation programs.

Mr. Yaroshenko applied three times for a prisoner transfer to Russia to serve the remainder of his sentence in Russia pursuant to Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons. His requests were unreasonably denied. Mr. Yaroshenko’s case is a matter of public interest in Russia.

Your organizations are well-known for its noble mission to defend and preserve human rights. We urge you to review Mr. Yaroshenko’s case and provide any assistance for his medical and legal issues. Please contact us if you wish to obtain additional information regarding this matter.