19 june / 2018

Embassy Statement

On many occasions Russia has clearly responded to propagandist Western “calls” to release certain individuals, who were under investigation, accused or convicted according to the Russian legislation for different felonies. The U.S. Department of State spokesperson and a number of U.S. legislators, who simultaneously voiced such demands today (June 18), are obviously aware of our principled stand. We reject any attempts to interfere in our domestic affairs.

The U.S. citizens might be interested to learn about the individuals Heather Nauert is standing up for. Among them are people, who are convicted for terrorism. Can there be excuses for terrorism? Could this be allowed in the U.S.? Terrorists cannot be viewed as “good” in the U.S. and “bad” in Russia. This way will never beat terrorism. Aspiration to create “safe heavens” at home country at the cost of other states - is a pointless venture. We know of terrible terrorist acts in the U.S. and have always been condemning them. Why doesn’t Washington now support our counterterrorism efforts?

Fight for freedom of consciousness, religion and democratic values - is a failsafe propagandist strategy used by Washington when it is necessary to acquit organizations, which in other countries are deemed extremist, propagating hatred and hostility, or simply engaged in illegal enterprise.

Representatives of the American establishment have no moral right to accuse Russia and demand to release someone from prison. All the more so, while the endless U.S. hunt for Russian citizens in third countries continues.

In this regard we insist on returning illegally convicted Russian citizens back to their homeland, whose sentences are oftentimes based on questionable statements of false witnesses. First and foremost - Konstantin Yaroshenko and Viktor Bout! There are legal grounds for it - the Council of Europe 1983 Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons.