19 october / 2017

Embassy Statement

In their insinuations about Russia's 'interference' in the 2016 US presidential elections, American politicians know no restraint. One fresh example is the US ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley. She has essentially accused Russia of initiating 'warfare' against the US last year. Without any evidence whatsoever.
We have repeatedly stated at all levels: Russia has not interfered in the internal affairs of the United States. Since November 2015 Moscow has suggested holding bilateral consultations on cyber threats, but Washington hasn't shown readiness for that.
Despite all unfriendly US steps, Russia has consistently advocated a return to normalcy in relations with the United States over the years. We are ready to develope on an equal and mutually respectful basis. We are open to the most frank dialogue with the United States on any bilateral and international agenda for finding joint approaches to solving common problems.
We would like to remind our colleague Nikki Haley that those who interfered in the US elections, and in the most overt and unceremonious way, should be sought amid officially-declared allies and friends. They campaigned for the Democratic candidate and voiced worries over the Republican candidate's possible coming to power. Facts are out there. Just look at last year’s newspapers or go on the Internet.