01 november / 2017

Embassy Statement

Congressional hearings with representatives from Twitter, Facebook and Google confirmed the lack of evidence that Russia interfered into the US presidential election.
As it has often occurred in the US recently, they seek to cover up unfavorable facts with insults towards Russia. This is what happened in the situation around our flags not so long ago, and with our diplomatic property and consular archives before that.
The senator for Oregon, Ron Wyden, allowed an unacceptable harsh attacks against Russia by calling its leadership fascist. Has adequacy left yet another lawmaker in Washington? Did he understand what he was talking about? Or the main thing is to draw attention to yourself, if you can't beat any proof out of those you are questioning?
The process of the US self-recovery and return to the values declared more than 200 years ago is inevitable, though it will apparently take a lot of time. The worst thing that can spoil the image of the US is that the current negative trend is being witnessed by the whole world.
Such blatant provocations further damage already strained Russia-US relations. It’s high time for those here who prefer the tone of hucksters who unleashed World War II to get the message that Russia never interferes into the United States’ domestic affairs.
And we won in that War against the Nazi plague. We won, because our peoples were together. We hope that “Spirit of the Elbe”, the spirit of cooperation, including in the military sphere, will prevail in our bilateral relations. Now we need it to fight against the new threat which is the international terrorism.
We must find a possibility to join our efforts.