06 april / 2018

Washington strikes Russia-US relations again

Washington strikes Russia-US relations again. Now Russian business leaders, who refused to play by Washington rules, fall victims to the US sanctions. With that we are told that these measures are not directed at the Russian people. Quite on the contrary! Thousands of workers are now in the crosshairs of this “penalty list”.
Clear evidence to that – an example of the “GAZ Group”, which has just celebrated its historic anniversary. The factory was purchased 85 years ago from Henry Ford in the U.S. Back then, we did not even have diplomatic relations, but it was not an obstacle to economic development.
The US made another erroneous step to destroy the freedom of entrepreneurship and competition, integration processes in the world economy.
The fact that Chairperson of the Council of the Federation Committee on Foreign Affairs Mr. Konstantin Kosachev was included in the blacklist speaks volumes of the systematic nature of Washington’s malicious intentions. This politician tirelessly works on reestablishing inter-parliamentary dialogue.And now we’ve encountered unnecessary obstacles in this area.
In these sanctions we see intent to split Russian society apart. No dice! Under foreign pressure people stand even stronger by their leader. The recent Russian Presidential elections have shown that the overwhelming majority of Russian people support Vladimir Putin.