Ambassador Antonov's answers to media questions on new US sanctions
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20 august / 2021

Ambassador Antonov's answers to media questions on new US sanctions

Question: Dear Ambassador Antonov, would you be so kind to comment on the US administration's decision to impose so-called "second package" of restrictions under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act, 1991 under the pretext of a plot with Mr.Navalny?
Ambassador Antonov: The actions of the US side confirm that the administration continues to blindly follow the course of destroying relations with Russia. They don’t think about the consequences. Instead of focusing on real threats and problems of global security, they are engaged in moralizing, seeking to cling to the country's pseudo-leading role in democracy and international law. It is unlikely that Washington's unconstructive steps will help strengthen global stability in such a difficult time for all states. The pretext for the new sanctions is absolutely far-fetched. No evidence of the use of chemical warfare agents was provided. Moreover, Russia, in contrast to the United States, back in 2017, completely eliminated all its stocks of chemical weapons, which was confirmed by the OPCW. 
Question: What can you say about another attempt to disrupt the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 project?
Ambassador Antonov: From the very beginning, Washington strove to prevent the development of normal energy cooperation between Russia and Europe. The unilateral actions of the Americans against the project violate international law and contradict the principle of free market relations. This is nothing more than an attempt to gain a competitive advantage for its fuel and technology suppliers. We believe that the format for using the pipeline should be determined in Europe, primarily in Germany, and not in the United States. In general, today's anti-Russian attacks demonstrate Washington's lack of will to implement the important understanding that was reached between the presidents of the two countries at the June summit in Geneva.