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24 november / 2020

Ambassador Antonov's answer to media questions about U.S. restrictions on Russian companies for alleged ties with North Korea

Question: Dear Ambassador Antonov, woul you be so kind to comment on the decision of the US Treasury Department to impose restrictions on two companies registered in Russia for alleged ties with North Korea?

Answer: We consider this step unreasonable. We would like to emphasize that the Russian Federation strictly fulfills its obligations under the international sanctions regime in force against the DPRK. Including in the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 2397, which prescribes the repatriation by December 22, 2019 of all North Korean citizens who receive income in the relevant jurisdiction.
Most of the North Korean workers have already left Russia.
The remaining insignificant number of migrants from the DPRK no longer receive their salaries. Due to objective difficulties in connection with the coronavirus, air and rail links between Russia and North Korea have been suspended. As soon as the quarantine measures are over, these persons will be sent home.
We consider the new sanctions to be another extremely unfriendly step that does not contribute to the development of Russian-U.S. relations.