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21 july

Ambassador Antonov's answer to media question

Question: Dear Ambassador, today US media reiterated stereotyped accusations against Russia regarding the aggressiveness of its foreign policy, "malicious activities", and the need to impose economic sanctions. We noticed that such phrases were documented in American-German joint statement on support for Ukraine, European energy security and climate goals. How could you comment on another anti-Russian opuses?
Anatoly Antonov: The document raises serious questions and even misunderstanding in terms of political attacks against Russia. The hostile tone towards our country fundamentally contradicts the spirit of the talks between the two presidents on June 16 in Geneva.
Attempts to present us as an aggressor and a country conducting "malicious" activities have long become the hallmark of Russophobes. Threats against us are groundless and useless. We do not accept such rhetoric, just as we cannot accept the practice of illegitimate unilateral sanctions. Only the UN Security Council has a mandate to do this.
Through many years of honest interaction with Europe and other consumers of Russian hydrocarbons, our country has proved that it is a reliable partner. We have never imposed our supplies on anyone, did not use energy resources as an instrument of political pressure and did not try to solve any narrowly opportunistic goals attributed to us. We reject any accusations in this regard. We see nothing but unfair competition in such attempts. We tirelessly repeat: the construction of Nord Stream 2 and any other Russian export pipelines is the subject of commercial agreements with those states that are interested in our gas. Russia is ready to supply exactly as much hydrocarbons as consumers need.