05 october / 2017

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's statement at the opening of University Consortium Conference in Washington, DC

Anatoly Antonov: "It is great pleasure for me to greet all the participants of today's Conference. I would like to express my appreciation to the University Consortium for organizing this event. It brings together scholars, political analysts and policy-makers from Russia, Europe and the US. The dialogue that you are launching here is a great opportunity to discuss key problems in relations between Russia and the West in a rapidly changing international environment. I am glad that today when our relations are so in need of improvement several famous universities, including the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Oxford, Harvard, Columbian Universities and Free University of Berlin, have been able to get together here and share their ideas on ways to achieve better understanding among our countries and to find collective responses to common threats and challenges. Our countries sometimes have different opinions on various things. But despite that, there is considerable potential for mutually beneficial cooperation in many spheres. We would like to unlock this potential and achieve positive results together. I would like also to thank the Kennan Institute for hosting such an important conference, for the efforts aimed at improving the dialogue between Russia and Western countries. As some of you, probably, know the Russian Embassy has been efficiently collaborating with the Kennan Institute for a long time. For example we organized together the event dedicated to the World War II. I am sure that the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding will accompany our future projects. In conclusion, I would like to express hope that we will see this conference become a regular platform for constructive discussions. I want to emphasize that we need more events like this conference. I believe that distinguished participants of today's event will work out some interesting approaches that will help overcome the difficulties that hamper the sustainable development of the relations between Russia and the West. I wish good luck to all participants and guests of the conference."