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21 december / 2020

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's answers to media questions

Question: Dear Ambassador, could you please comment on the decision of the U.S. Department of Commerce to impose export restrictions on more than four dozen Russian organizations and industrial enterprises?

Anatoly Antonov: Such actions of the administration are destructive. They not only undermine the continuing economic interaction between our countries, but also diminish any positive prospects. Baseless allegations that our flagship industrial companies, scientific and R&D institutes "undermine" the U.S. national security are absolutely unacceptable.

Question: What consequences will this step have?

Anatoly Antonov: It is worth noting that in an anti-Russian agony Washington has decided to neglect the interests of its own business, depriving it of the opportunity to have normal cooperation with Russian partners in quite promising areas, such as civil aviation, precision machinery and instrument engineering, metallurgy. It is symptomatic that even VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation – an enterprise with the participation of American capital which is a long-standing and largest supplier of titanium for the U.S. aerospace industry – has been categorized as a "perpetrator" by the administration.

Such steps drive our relations into an even deeper crisis. It will be possible to get out of this crisis only if the United States is ready to build relations on the principles of equality and mutual respect. So far, we do not see such a desire.