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13 august

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's answer to a media question on accusations of Russia's alleged interference in the US' domestic political affairs

Question: Dear Ambassador Antonov, would you be so kind to comment on speculations appeared in the US media on alleged attempts of our country to interfere into the US domestic political process?

Ambassador Antonov: We have a feeling that some politicians are trying to divert public attention from domestic problems by looking for an external "enemy" who can be blamed for all of America's troubles. In these cases, our country is called again. We are credited with driving a wedge into American society, waging a war of disinformation and campaigning against American vaccines, countering the administration's anti-pandemic efforts, and even masking. All problems are lumped together and Russia is blamed for everything.
We are not even surprised with a new round of speculations on notorious Russian meddling. Especially given that the authors provide neither evidence nor even facts but only express speculations aimed at maintenance of a high degree of Rusophobia in the American society.
Our stance on his issue is without changes. Russia doesn’t meddle into domestic affairs of other states. On July 14, during his interview to NBC Russian President Vladimir Putin brought into focus that nobody should interfere in domestic internal affairs of other countries, neither the U.S. in ours or we in the USA's political processes or any other nations. All nations of the world should be given an opportunity to develop calmly.
We call on local journalists to approach their direct responsibilities more professionally and to stop disseminating unverified and unconfirmed information.
We categorically reject all fabrications about our country's alleged attempts to influence the political situation in the United States. We reaffirm our readiness to build bilateral relations on a long-term pragmatic and, of course, mutually beneficial basis. Today, Russia and the United States are facing global challenges and threats that cannot be resolved alone. Only through joint efforts can progress be made in the fight against terrorism, pandemic and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Save the fragile ecosystem of the planet, ensure the cybersecurity of countries and citizens. We are ready for such work.