16 november / 2017

After presenting his credentials to President Trump on 8th September, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov offered a reception for Embassy contacts

In his welcoming speech Ambassador Antonov said:"It is a great honor for me and at the same time an incredible professional challenge to carry out a diplomatic mission in this country. It is worth mentioning that Washington, D.C. has the most qualified members of the diplomatic community I have ever seen. This city gathers foreign appointees from top government positions, which proves the significance that all countries attach to their relations with the United States. It is true that the environment for me to step in as a new Ambassador is far from being favorable. We have to deal with the heavy legacy we have inherited. Nevertheless, it is important not to shut off from one another, not to look back at the past, but rather to have a strategic vision of our common goals.
The recent contacts between the Russian and U.S. presidents on the sidelines of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit in Vietnam and their joint statement on Syria have proven that our countries need each other and can agree on working together. Only through joint efforts we can come up with adequate responses to the challenges of today, chief among which remains global terrorism.
I can assure you that the primary assignment that I have from my leadership is to fully develop our bilateral ties, to build a constructive, predictable and mutually advantageous model of cooperation. I am confident that everyone will benefit from good Russian-American relations, considering a special responsibility of our countries as permanent members of the UN Security Council for maintaining global peace and security. Though my work started in difficult conditions, I have to mention that I was given a positive and warm reception at the State Department and other agencies I visited so far. And it is worth to note that my American counterparts have shown their willingness to build a constructive dialogue. I am ready – as well as my colleagues at the Embassy – for such work. We will do our best to promote a positive bilateral agenda."