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Passport for adopted Russian Children under the 18-year old age

An adopted child must be registered at the Consular Division of the Russian Embassy.

All Russian minors must have their own passport to travel to Russia.

If a minor travels alone he/she needs parents notarized consent for the trip (please contact notary section of the Consular Division – legal.russianembassy@gmail.com).

The Embassy issues 5-year and 10-year (or biometric) passports.

We recommend that minors obtain biometric passports after 6-year old age.

Parents and minors must be present to apply for passport.

If the passport is expired you have to verify child's citizenship.

Parents must complete online application and arrange an appointment with the Consular Division of the Embassy to apply for the passport.

The appointment can be  scheduled via Electronic line system

or by phone (202) 939-8912 (Mon-Fri - 9-00 -11-00AM, 2-00 - 4-00PM)

or  by email: passportunit@gmail.com

Documents to submit:

1. Online Application Form

Application for Russian Passport must be completed by one of the parents in Russian language, contain full parental information and printed out on both sides of a sheet. Please use third party translation service if needed.

2. The minor's Russian birth certificate issued after adoption (plus copy), or copy notarized by a Russian notary 

3. Adoption certificate (plus copy)

4. The minor's previous passport (plus copy of all pages), police report if the passport was lost

5. A passport size color photograph of the applying parent (both for 5-year and 10-year passport)

6. 3 passport size color photographs of the minor for 5-year passport (1 photo for 10- year passport)

7. Copy of the parent’s USA passport

8. Copy of the child's USA passport

9. Money-order: 5-year passport - $10.00 for minors under 14 or $30.00 for minors between 14 and 18,

10-year passport - $40.00 for minors under 14 or $80.00 for minors between 14 and 18

Passport Processing Time

10-year passports are processed within 2 months, 5-year passports - 2 weeks (under 14-year old minors only).

Passports are issued without prior appointment:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri - 9-00 - 12-00AM.

For further information please contact Passport Section at:

Email: passportunit@gmail.com

fax: (202) 939-8909